Student Enrollment and Kindergarten Entry

Kindergarten enrollment and registration information for the 2021-2022 school year can be found HERE.

Student Registration Requirements for All Grade Levels 
Salem Public Schools is pleased to welcome all new students and families who are residents of Salem to our district. A limited number of spaces are also available for non-residents (high school age only) via the inter-district school choice program

This page and related links provide information to help families learn about the requirements to register a student to enroll in one of Salem's public schools. 

Steps to Register a Child in the Salem Public Schools 
There are three steps that each family must follow to register a child for school in Salem:  

Student Enrollment

Step #1: Choose 3 Schools - Research Options 
Salem Public Schools relies on a choice-based student assignment policy. Families select their top 3 choices of schools. These choices along with other criteria spelled out in the policy determine each student's assignment. Before completing the student registration process, families should learn about all of the school choices available in the district so that they can choose the right fit for their child. 

Learn about available options for your child 

  • Visit each school's website -- Click on "Select a School" at top of district's web page

Visit prospective schools

Sign up for a tour -- Kindergarten tours Feb 3-7 (snow dates are Feb 10-14). Please contact each school directly to schedule a tour.

Select your top 3 schools 

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2020, assignments to the Bentley School will fall under the district's student assignment policy (the Bentley lottery is discontinued, however, admission to the new Dual Language program within the Bentley will occur via a lottery system). If you wish for your child to attend the Bentley school, please include Bentley as one of your three (3) school choices on your application. 

Understand Salem's Student Assignment Policy

The Salem School Committee has a controlled choice student assignment policy (See SC Policy #5103). Click here for additional information about how Salem's Controlled Choice Student Assignment Policy works or contact the Parent Information Center (PIC) with your questions. Based on this policy, the following criteria will be used to assign students to schools.


Some helpful documents:

 Frequently Asked Questions  Overview-How it works  Two Examples - How it works

Step #2: Apply - Submit Documents to Parent Information Center

A completed and signed copy of the student registration packet is required along with all documentation listed above. Special attention to important dates and deadlines, especially for Kindergarten registration and/or charter school lotteries is also important. Please contact the Parent Information Center (PIC) staff at 978-740-1225 or with any questions.

Submit all required documentation: The following forms and documents are required to register all children for school in Salem.

  • Student Registration Packet -- completed and signed (Available online HERE)
  • Proof of Birth Date (Birth certificate, passport, or I-94 card, etc.)
  • Immunization Record/Physical Examination (most recent)
  • Verification of Residency (Two documents required--must be current, within 60 days. We accept copy of mortgage, property taxes, lease, housing agreement, electric, gas, cable, water, landline phone bill, letter from a government agency)
  • Proof of Parent/Guardian Identity (MA Driver's License, MA Photo ID, Passport, etc.)
  • Other Relevant Documents, if applicable (Please provide a copy of student's special education Individualized Education Plan (IEP, if relevant), 504 plan, transfer card from a previous school, legal guardianship documents, etc.)
Return completed forms and documents to the Parent Information Center (PIC) - can submit in person, via fax, or scan & email to

Step #3: Confirm the Assignment
Criteria of the student assignment policy are applied when assigning all students to schools. When the assignment is complete, parents/guardians will receive a notification. Please confirm acceptance as soon as possible.

Kindergarten Registration - Important Dates and Deadlines
Families with children who will turn five (5) years old on or before August 31st are eligible to register for Kindergarten beginning in January of each year (please click here for information about the Carlton Innovation School's early enrollment options). 

Preschool Registration Info (Salem Early Childhood Center)

A limited number of full and 1/2 day spaces are available for 3 and 4 year olds at the Salem Early Childhood Center. To register, complete and submit all required student registration forms. Contact the PIC with questions

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