Section 504

If your child meets eligibility for an education disability but does not require specialized instruction to make effective progress, the Team may recommend a referral to the 504 Team. The 504 Team will consider whether or not the student, due to their disability, requires accommodations in order to make progress. Sometimes a student may require a temporary 504 accommodation plan due to an acute medical condition as indicated by a qualified professional, typically a medical doctor. The 504 Team will use this information along with a brief evaluation to guide decision making. 

The 504 like the IEP is a federally regulated document that outlines specific accommodations that a teacher must provide access to during some or all of the school day including standardized assessments as outlined in the 504 plan. While an IEP is regulated by IDEA law, the 504 is regulated by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Consult this link by scrolling down to the 504 section for more information regarding your rights as a parent/guardian. 

Each school that educates general education students has an assigned 504 coordinator who can be contacted for more information. 504 coordinator list

The school district is not responsible for providing 504 accommodations to students in private education settings. If your child is enrolled in a private school, contact personnel at their school to learn more about their policies for students who qualify for a 504 plan. 
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