Mission, Vision, and Values

Salem Public Schools' Mission, Vision, and Core Values were developed as part of the 2017 strategic planning process.

SPS Mission Statement

Salem Public Schools is a diverse and welcoming community that promotes the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each student through the equitable delivery of challenging, relevant, and joyful learning experiences. We empower all students to chart a personalized path to success that includes a commitment to the common good. 

SPS Vision Statement

All students will be locally engaged, globally connected, and fully prepared to thrive in a diverse and changing world. 

SPS Core Values

Our organization’s values define what we cherish and how we conduct ourselves every day on behalf of Salem’s children. In alphabetical order, they are as follows: 


We celebrate the magnificent diversity of our community and recognize it as one of our greatest sources of strength.  As we prepare our children for a diverse world, we must model the value that comes from different cultures, languages, perspectives and experiences.   When we recognize and welcome our differences, we discover our common humanity. 


Through collaboration we find new sources of energy and strength.  SPS encourages and supports collaboration and exchange within our schools and across the district.  When children see adults working well together, they learn to work well together—a skill that will benefit them in years to come in any endeavor. Moreover, SPS actively seeks out partnerships with the rich array of organizations that are the hallmark of our community.  Everyone wins when the city becomes an extension of our schools and classrooms.


We live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, which requires that all of us take responsibility to be continuous learners.  Building on what is working well, we closely follow emerging trends, identify and share promising practices, seek outside expertise when necessary, and embrace new approaches that will benefit our children.  We are also nimble enough to adapt quickly to changing conditions.


SPS is committed to identifying and eliminating any and all barriers to educational achievement.  To this end, we promote policies and practices that are fair and just, and make learning opportunities—in and out of school—fully accessible to all.  We commit to ensure every student, regardless of background, meets our high standards for achievement, participation, and growth.


In our district, everyone—including administrators, teachers, students, staff and parents—has the opportunity to grow and develop new capabilities. It is our job as an organization to create the conditions for human flourishing at all levels.   With high expectations come high levels of support.  


We expect and achieve the highest standards of excellence.  This begins at the district level and extends to the school, classroom and each individual.   There is simply no replacement for a job well done, whether it’s creating an academically enriching curriculum, mastering a new skill, developing new knowledge, or attending to our physical plant and administrative operations with care. 
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